About Dungeon & Fighter Online U.S. service introduction

April 14th, 2014

English name: Dungeon & Fighter Online
Abbreviation: DFO
Development Company: Korea Neople ( being acquired NEXON)
Genre: MMOACT ( massively multiplayer online simultaneously horizontal version of fighting )
Operating Company: Nexon America (NEXON America region )

U.S. service description:

1. The highest level of 60 ( updated June 2nd Impact, level increased to 70 )
2. Open all dungeon maps.
3. Has opened all professional awakening.
4. Fashion Fashion currency by the purchaser to a random sample, there is a chance to get high fashion, but all properties purchased are random, so the United States serving players in general
City to buy in the auction, or individual stalls.
5. Player game currency available free to sell or buy fashion, but also can be sold and purchased at auction the city.

DFO” Korea Neople company ( after NEXON acquisition ) developed horizontal version of fighting game, now in North America by the sub Nexon branch operations. “DFO” inherits the characteristics of the action of the game, to achieve a move from the heart. Batter, stiff, floating, flash, kill, such as awakening skills not available in the current game straightforward fighting, plus the player subtle, sensitive and reflect on the skill sets and understanding with dazzling special effects skills, so you experience a sense of combat refreshing, thoroughly enjoying the action of life.

Other operations typically use the keyboard, performing the role of skills and equipment settings, etc. In the course of the fighting, when using the mouse. Players can customize their favorite shortcut keys defined, in combat fighting game by entering a command similar to the use of the skills, the game also offers six quick cast bar for players to quickly cast instruction cumbersome or too complex skills ( shortcuts are six a, s, d, f, g, h to several F1, 2,3,4,5,6). Players can also handle the mapping performed by the game, but the game itself does not provide the function of using the handle.

“DFO” with other online games also have to change the level of equipment and currently has 270 balance props. Each character has 10 props and equipment location (temporarily), the game allows up to four players to team challenging levels, also can “Arena” carry 1-8 people PK.

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